Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reception for Pastel Artist Jane Christie

We invite you to an afternoon

Reception for Pastel Artist

Jane Christie

Saturday April 30, 2011

12:00 - 3:00

Please welcome Jane Christie to Saks Galleries, Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado. Jane has agreed to a demonstration in pastel painting and discuss her unique approach and process.

Visit the gallery and meet Jane on Saturday, April 30th and visit our website to enjoy her latest works showing now through May 14th.

Most recently, after joining Saks Galleries as a guest artist, we introduced Jane to “The Children’s Hospital at Fitzsimmons” where three of her paintings have been acquired by the board members for the hospital’s permanent collection and a commission of the four seasons will soon be presented to the hospital.

We celebrate Jane’s artistic journey.

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for Saks Galleries...dejon austin malley

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Living Artfully - " Keeping it Simple"

Here is a beautiful painting titled " Bougainvillea, Santorini" by William Berra.

Use it as our example painting as we talk about

"keeping it simple" below.

One of the hardest things to do when you are planning a room and a home around art is to “keep it simple”. Think of it like this; in each room choose the art in the room that you want to feature. Those pieces will be the featured stars. So eliminate that extra stack of magazines, the cluster of family snapshots, and that plant that isn’t so healthy…. so that your eye sees only the painting, or a piece of sculpture that you want to be the star.

The beauty of the simplicity in your design allows one to see each piece, each important element in the room. It is the basic idea behind a minimalist design philosophy. Art and design in the home is intensely personal, and certainly should reflect the owner’s own style and loves. Living artfully, use that small design premise that “less is more”, and work to simplify the elements in each room.

Thinking about how to design a space in your home around your art? At Saks Galleries we have an in house interior designer/ art consultant and we are happy to talk with you about placing art in your home. Ask for Kathy Montgomery, when you visit the gallery or send a digital image of your space along with your question to for ideas about your room.

Drop by Saks Galleries in beautiful Cherry Creek North Denver, Colorado, or visit our website to see more of William Berra's new paintings.

Kathy Montgomery, FASID for Saks Galleries

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Artist Joseph Lorusso Joins Saks Galleries

Saks Galleries is honored to present

JOSEPH LORUSSO was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1966 and received his formal training at the American Academy of Art. He went on to receive his B.F.A. degree from the Kansas City Art Institute. Born of Italian descent, Lorusso was exposed to art at an early age.

Through several early trips to Italy, his parents introduced him to the works of the Italian Masters. Lorusso would look to these influences throughout his early artistic development and they are still evident in his work today.

Discovering the works of the Impressionists, he gravitated towards the works of Manet and Vuillard. Lorusso searched for similar work of such emotion and soon became an avid student of painting, seeking out and immersing himself in the works of various artists. This path would ultimately lead him to the works of Sargent, Sorolla, Whistler and a whole army of lesser-known yet equally capable painters. Within this group of artists, Lorusso would find a sense of identity. In these masterful works, he saw the power to harness emotion and convey it with power and confidence, yet with delicacy and tasteful restraint. He also saw in these artists the ability to express the “essence” of an object with just a few carefully chosen brushstrokes, creating a visceral and intuitive state of painting.

Says Lorusso, “I believe truly great art serves as a trigger into something deeper within all of us”. The mood and emotion conveyed in Lorusso’s paintings evokes a deep sense of beauty found in the quiet times of daily living. His people are mysterious, lonely, romantic and yet familiar, placed in settings we often see ourselves. Lorusso’s paintings have gained notoriety by their ability to connect with the viewer, resonating in a way that is intimate and personal.

What Saks Galleries says, "We are very pleased to represent Joseph at the gallery in Cherry Creek Denver. We met Joseph in December 2010, during the American Art Invitational hosted by Saks Galleries. His work is unique, inspiring, emotional. To really enjoy his work drop by the gallery - study the textural brushstrokes, form, warm colors and composition. Beautifully executed paintings."

Please visit the gallery or our website to see more works by Joseph or enjoy the latest works showing in the "Impressions of Spring" exhibition now through May 14th.

Artwork credits:

Lorusso "Seductive Look" 12 x 12 oil - Lorusso "Looking West" 11 x 11 oil - Lorusso "Napping" 10 x 14 oil

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Next Exhibition Kim English "Observations" opening reception May 20th

and happy birthday Ms. Catherine! You're the greatest:)

for Saks Galleries... dejon austin malley

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Join us Saturday, April 16, 2011 for An Afternoon with the Artist

Edward Aldrich, Master Wildlife Painter

More than a faithful reproduction, the wildlife art of Edward Aldrich captures the very essence of the animal as well...Each image becomes a stolen moment with an animal. - InformArt Magazine

Edward Aldrich is an artist dedicated to reaching beyond the realistic rendering of wildlife and the natural world. He is convinced that conveying the inherent being of an animal is integral to his work. His style breathes life into his subjects and invokes the viewer into feeling that he or she is actually a witness to the scene. The viewer is not left to simply look and appreciate, but is drawn into experiencing the essence of what is depicted. In short, his is an art of feeling as well as portrayal.

Get to know Edward this coming Saturday as he shares insight and knowledge of painting wildlife. Join us at Saks Galleries in Cherry Creek, Denver this Saturday for another special demonstration in the series of

“Afternoon with the Artist” April 16, 2011, 12:Noon – 3:00pm

refreshments, demonstration and great art

Mr. Aldrich receives honor of Artist-in-Residence at the historical “Cabin” RMNP.

Most recently Edward was invited to Rocky Mountain National Park’s “Cabin” for a two week Artist-in-Residence program. The prestigious residency is coveted by professional painters, sculptors, musicians, poets and other performing artists. Built in 1887, now perpetuates the memory of artist, Willian Allen White. American editor and author White and his family spent 31 summers in the “Cabin”amidst inspiring landscape and quiet nature. It is one of the most revered places for an artist to create.


Edward "Ned" Aldrich presents new works in "Impressions of Spring" exhibition now the May 15th

Learn where Edward finds his inspiration, what it was like to be invited to the “cabin” to create and have his entire family experience this historical event and how this father of three juggles, parenting and painting creatively.

Enjoy “Ned” Aldrich’s latest works at Saks Galleries “Impressions of Spring” exhibition now through May 15th.

painting credits:
Edward Aldrich "Stalking" 10 x 12 oil on canvas
Edward Aldrich "Tiger Portrait" 8 x 10 oil on canvas

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"The Art of Collecting Art"

Every work of art is made up of the visible and the hidden.  The obvious and the not so obvious.  The surface that a collector responds to aesthetically and academically and the underside, the condition, the materials, the history of ownership (in artspeak, the provenance), the value in dollars and even potential value.  Today, we will discuss those ‘hidden’ issues.  And the Jill will discuss the visible, the surface and aesthetic questions –--What goes into producing a truly great work of art.  After our short presentations we will all be open to answering questions....

'Bull Assured" 36" x 24"
Please join us 

"The Art of Collecting Art" 
Thursday, April 14, 7 pm
$10 admission, free for Friends of the Museum

Longmont Museum & Cultural Center
400 Quail Road
Longmont CO 80501

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Master Sculptor and Painter Barry Eisenach to Demonstrate Saturday April 9 at Saks

An Afternoon with the Artist
Please join us for a sculpture demonstration by

Master Sculptor and Painter
Barry Eisenach

Saturday, April 9, 2011
12noon - 4pm

Live Model, Light Refreshments,
Great Discussions
and Live Demonstration

Find out how Barry Eisenach isLiving Artfully” this year!

Barry is presenting new works both sculpture and fresh paintings in the

"Impressions of Spring" exhibition now through May 14th.

Meet Barry, learn design techniques and gain insight to his process

After 23 years as an illustrator and graphic designer, Barry Eisenach, turned his attention to sculpting and painting full time. Mr. Eisenach was been featured in many publications including Southwest Art Magazine. He has participated in Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, Colorado from 1999 throught 2010; the 2004 & 2005 Phippen Museum Miniature Masterpieces Show; 2005 Night of the Artists in San Antonio; 1999 and 2003 National Sculpture Society Annual Exhibition; 2005 National Sculpture Society 'The American West'; Montana Historical Society: Painting the Corps: Contemporary Visions of Lewis and Clark. Mr. Eisenach was elected to full membership in The Northwest Rendezvous Group in 2003. He was most recently included in the “Sculpture of the Rockies” publication featuring 97 Rocky Mountain Sculptors.

Living Artfully at Saks Galleries
by dejon austin malley